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Q: What do you appraise?
A: I appraise all types of fine jewelry and fine watches, I do not appraise coins.

Q: What are your appraisals used for?
A: My appraisals are used primarily for verification purposes. The documentation I provide can be used for insurance purposes or any other situation where a professional document is needed to support the jewelry you own, whether your intention is to sell it or to simply be aware of what you have.

Q: Do you buy jewelry and watches?
A: I do not purchase jewelry or watches. Instead, I offer a service where you can consign the item you wish to sell. Widegate Jewelry Appraisal and Consultation Services will then go to work on finding the right buyer for your piece(s). One of the main channels of finding the right buyer would be to display them on my website where interested clients can view them and find that piece they have always wanted but could not find anywhere, especially for that great price!

Q: Do you collect a fee for displaying my jewelry or watch on your website?
A: I do not charge a fee for displaying your jewelry or watches, however all items on my website must pass a thorough inspection for quality and authenticity. In some cases, refurbishing may be needed to rejuvenate that piece and bring it back to its original excellent condition. If your piece is already in an impeccable condition, then no work will be performed on it.

Q: Does my piece of jewelry have to go through a full appraisal before it is consigned to you?
A: If your intention is to sell your jewelry through my services, you would not need to document it in an appraisal. A thorough inspection and estimation of value would be sufficient to qualify it for acceptance as a consigned piece; that is a complimentary service. The only time you would need a full appraisal is when you would request a detailed document for a piece you would like to keep or sell on your own.

Q: Can I ship my jewelry to you?
A: I prefer to meet with the owner of the jewelry before accepting it on consignment, that way there would be no surprises as to the authenticity and quality of the pieces. Having said that, there are certain instances where jewelry can be shipped to me after enough communication of information has taken place.

Q: How much do you charge for appraisals?
A: My hourly fee for documenting your jewelry is $150 per hour of work. Most average size pieces would take in the range of half an hour per item to fully appraise and document in a Gemological report. Remember, these fees only apply to pieces being documented in a full appraisal form. There is no fee charged for inspecting and estimating the value of consignment pieces being sold through Widegate Jewelry.

Thank you taking the time to read my frequently asked questions page. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.