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Using a new and modern approach to report writing, product research and presentation of information, our firm is unconventional and is geared towards a Gemological, comprehensive, informative and educational appraisal. The end result is a complete report that is designed to be used for insurance purposes yet still fluid enough to be used as a selling tool or even an "Archiving" tool for your jewelry collection.

  • A complete evaluation of jewelry, watches, diamonds and colored gems.
  • Gemstones and diamonds will be identified using the latest Gemological equipment and tools.
  • Diamonds and gemstones will be weighed, graded, measured and an estimation of weight will be determined for gems that are set inside mountings.
  • Identifying characteristics such as inclusions and surface condition will be plotted to determine the quality and therefore value of a diamond or gemstone.
  • Precious metals will be tested and a complete evaluation of the manufacturing technique which also directly influences the value of a piece will be determined.
  • All appraisals will include detailed photographs and hand illustrations (In certain cases) Photographs and renderings are a crucial aspect of an appraisal since they are to be used extensively in case loss or damage to a piece of jewelry does occur and a replacement piece needs to be created. photographs and drawings are also a great way to "Archive" your jewelry and watch collection.
  • All appraisals will contain current market value which will be used by insurance companies when filing a claim. This current value can be updated at any time through our service. At Widegate Jewelry Appraisal and Consultation Services, we keep records of your appraisal for 5 years, so updating the value of your piece is an easy process.
  • A well documented professional appraisal is used for insurance purposes, it is also used to determine a selling/purchasing price in a private transaction scenario such as when selling/purchasing online, to a friend or to a jewelry professional. It is very important that the purpose of the appraisal be stated on the appraisal form.


Location of service:

  • The tools and Gemological equipment used are portable and designed for mobility. The collection of information and all the testing involved can be carried out at a location of your choice. You may choose to have the evaluation done in the convenience of your own home or office. You may also find it convenient to have your jewelry evaluated at your bank location in case it is kept in a safe deposit box. I understand that having your jewelry evaluated is a private matter that also involves the safety of transporting certain items of value. Please contact me and I will work with you and find the most convenient way for you to have your jewelry appraised.