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In the field of personal property appraisal such as jewelry, it is difficult  to state a flat fee that would apply to all jewelry types. While an average piece of jewelry may take half an hour to appraise, more complex items may take more time because of the higher number or bigger size of gemstones and diamonds that need to be analyzed. The easiest and most straight forward jewelry to appraise are silver, gold and platinum jewelry that are not set with gems, since their core value lies in their weight and metal purity.

On average, a regular piece of jewelry such as a simple ring, pair of earrings or pendant with a normal amount of gem material to analyze will cost you $75 per item and will take half an hour to fully appraise and document in a gemological report. My "Go to you" service has one simple requirement; 2 items or more, or a flat fee of $150 (1 hour of work)

Several pieces of jewelry appraised at once are also subject to additional discounts. I accept all major credit cards and debit cards. 

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